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I, Wybhav Bhatnagar firmly believe that astrology being a science in itself is a life illuminating journey, full of new horizons and varied discoveries, to be studied and carefully analysed. While honning my skills for my degree with a desire to do something worthwhile in this universe, More ...
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Horoscope Analysis
Couple Analysis
Includes complete analysis of your life, including all aspect of life and timing of future events.
Health - must know about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self which requires attention and care today and in coming years.
Couple analysis - know about complementing and nurturing each other in your good times and handling the rough patches in bad times of your love life and marriage.
Career and Money
Love Life
Kids - exact time periods when you will have your kids and all details about their general well being. Specially for people not having kids for a long time.
Career and money - detailed predictions about your career , income in coming years, your current business or job suits you or you should change it to some other field to acquire more respect and income in life.
Love life find out about your ongoing and future love life, associations, affections and marriage.
  Only one aspect of life
Only one aspect of life - detailed predictions about any one specific aspect of your life you want to know about like - legal court cases, when will buy a property (house, office , vehicle) Of your own (not rented), foreign tours etc.
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