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I ,Wybhav Bhatnagar firmly believe that astrology being a science in itself is a life illuminating journey, full of new horizons and varied discoveries, to be studied and carefully analysed. While honing my skills for my degree with a desire to do something worthwhile in this universe, I stumbled upon this wondrous science, and being the curious one that I am, I started exploring it with great outcomes !!. By the time I completed my post-graduation, I was visiting far off lands for giving consultations personally as well as by e-mails, fax and phone, as I was doing in my motherland INDIA . My expertise lies in the fact that I being a man of today, am well versed in today's lifestyle and pressures of circumstances which helps me in understanding the picture and predicting successfully. It is always very challenging and satisfying to interpret this science, that is as old as the mankind itself, as per today's circumstances that involves new jobs (computer science, sports, aviation, space technology etc), health problems relating to new diseases, emotional and work stress etc that didn't exist before and providing remedies and right timing of future events to minimize problems and maximize success.

By God's grace and our karmic influences. I hope we have a great working relationship.
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